Quick Sketchie

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A quick sketch and paint in the office…hhmmmm I need to practice more…


Ballistic Parry: Side-sketch

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Just an time out sketch, nothing official.

Ballistic Parry: Preliminary concepts ver.2

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I made some changes on Parry’s appearance…
1) By tuning down his spikey hair style;
2) Unsharpen his face, rounded a little;
3) What he is wearing remains the same, but with “explosive” colors to make Parry still a bad-ass kid who so passion in rocket science;
4) Blue shorts, to cool down the “burning rocket” above Parry torso.

Parry ver.1.0
The first version I did after changing feature mentioned, the physical scale is small, short legs and arms, big palm and head;

Parry ver.2.0
This version has the same features but in a different scale, a more refined version with little realistic touch, though the face still looks the same.

Ballistic Parry: Preliminary concepts

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Story board for the storyline:






Men in RED

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People from foreign countries will probably not understand what it means, but those from Malaysia.


Photoshop to get GPU and physics acceleration

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OMG, atlast graphic applications make use of hardware graphic acceleration!!!

Santa Clara (CA) – GPU acceleration is one of the most significant trends in today hardware industry, opening the doors to an entirely class of software running desktop. What will be possible is fascinating to see on a monitor, nut it is not tangible, if you just hear about it. It appears that the next Photoshop will be one of the first mainstream applications that will tap into the GPU for a speed up. And, at least from what we have seen during a first demonstration, the progress is simply stunning… (read the full story).


Source: tgdaily.com

Welcome to DW~CreativePlayBox!!

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Greetings!! Ok not actually a bad news yer see, I officially announce that all non art & design related content of darkwingsdesign.wordpress.com will be moved to to http://dwplaybox.blogspot.com. Which means from now on THIS weblog will be a fully art, design, caricature creation and all sort of creative activities; consider it is a subordinate section of www.darkwingsdesign.com.

The previous posted content will be removed soon; the content category and even the weblog title will be reset to serve the new direction.

So welcome to DW~CreativePlayBox!